Our Pastor

Our Pastor

Pastor Neil LaCour was born in Fort Meyers, Florida on September 9th, 1974, the younger of two children born to Gabriel and Betty. His father, Gabriel, was at that time employed by NASA working on the Apollo 11 space program. Gabriel had met and worked with many interesting and exciting people on the program, one of which he became close to, a man named Neil Armstrong. Because of this friendship Gabriel named his second-born son after Neil Armstrong.

After a separation with Gabriel, Betty took her two sons and headed northwest to Washington State, then on to Southern California, where on July 8th, 1985, Pastor LaCour received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus Name as described in Acts 2:38. Soon after this, their mother moved them again, this time to Central California.  

In 1993, Pastor LaCour graduated from high school with honors and in August of that year packed all his belongings and headed to Phoenix, Arizona to attend college on a full scholarship.  Shortly after arriving in Phoenix and making several 1,200 mile round-trip journeys back to California (not to mention very expensive long distance phone bills - no cell phones with unlimited plans back then) Pastor LaCour realized he could not live separated from his high school sweetheart, Christy.  After a short two month engagement, Pastor and Sister LaCour were united in Holy Matrimony on October 2nd, 1993.  

Their early married life began with Pastor LaCour working days and attending school at night, his faithful bride enduring the long hours.

In 1994, Pastor LaCour decided to take the path of the entrepreneur and time was invested and a business born.  During the years of business development and growth, Pastor and Sister LaCour fell in love with their new church in Glendale, Faith Temple, pastored by Rev. R. G. Garrett, and soon became very active as Sunday school teachers, Home Bible study teachers, bus outreach captain, care captains, ushers, church janitors, greeters, Christian school teacher, bus outreach director, youth pastor and more.  It seemed as if God had His hands on their lives and was grooming and directing their lives for His sovereign purpose.  

During these years of service, again Pastor gave his evenings to school, this time at College of Apostolic Ministries where he received his ministerial ordination.

While serving as youth pastor at Faith Temple, Pastor LaCour directed and preached Friday night youth services and experienced the beautiful Spirit of the Lord falling in those services.  Soon, God was steering the LaCour’s lives again and invitations to speak at other assemblies began to come.  Before they realized it, they were gone preaching more than they were home in Phoenix and on March 3, 2003 they left all again and took to the field as evangelists.  Years of evangelizing, God blessed them with two children, Madeline, born just before their travels, and a boy, Gabriel, born while evangelizing.

Traveling in their fifth-wheel trailer, they traveled for 4 years, covering 13 states and 198,000 miles, preaching in over 700 revival services in 43 churches.  Across a broad spectrum of geographical, social and cultural situations the LaCour’s were able to witness the manifestation of the power and presence of God in the lives of the people whom God created and loves.

In 2006, the Lord began to deal with Pastor and Sister LaCour about returning to Arizona and starting a brand new assembly.

In 2007, with a confirmation of His will, they sold their fifth wheel and purchased a home in Cave Creek, AZ. After a brief time of re-settling into their new field of labor, property was purchased for the new church, plans were drawn, a building was built, and church services began. The Lord began to fill people with His Spirit. Men, women and children were baptized in Jesus Name. A new church was established under the hand of God.

Then in June 2014, Pastor Fred Hartley in Prescott AZ, felt guided by the Holy Ghost to ask Pastor LaCour if would consider accepting the pastorate in Prescott of Miraclepointe Apostolic Church. He had preached many times in the Prescott church as an evangelist. Under very careful consideration, prayer and council, Pastor LaCour accepted. With a unanimous vote from the church, on November 1, 2014 Pastor and Sister LaCour were installed as new Pastor and pastor’s wife of Miraclepointe of Prescott.


“We are so excited and thankful to be here. We have loved God’s church in Prescott, AZ since its founding in 2002 under Elder Don Ikerd. Through the years when we have come through preaching and evangelizing we have grown even fonder and more excited about the moving of God’s Spirit in these mountains. We are believing God to do a great work among His people. His Word is still true, His power is real. If you desire Him, open your heart and let God do miracles for you and your family at Miraclepointe.”

Pastor Neil LaCour



                                                                                                 Acts 2:38-39 KJV

(38) Then Peter said under them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

(39) For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

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